The Most Creative Way Of Earning Money

We must consider what no one wants to do. That’s actually the most creative way to earn money .  It’s a four letter word consisting of these letters: W O R K   I  feel ridiculous writing about this, however it’s a term that is often misconstrued.  There should be intelligence within the  idea.  Sometimes my work feels like play.  Intelligence is at question.

I must address exaggerated results.  Marketers create scams  They often exaggerate results in hopes to create business and intice buyers.  This is were problems occur.  The most successful marketer knows not to exaggerate, because it will create inevitable problems.    The concept of scam is where people exaggerate.  This is no fault of many legitimate systems.  This is the fault of exaggerating marketers.  In deed individuals corrupt legitimate systems, so blame should be put upon individual marketers and not systems.  The biggest scam is the scammer who takes a legitimate system and turns it into a cirucus.  False claims of products, services create an unjust climate.  That’s what the scam is about.  It’s not MLM’s fault.

People get carried away with accusing all of MLM, when the MLM concept is actually one of the most viable ways for doing business.  Usually a new marketing representative is told to make a list upon first signing up.  They make a list of everyone they know.  Some folk know more people then others.  After you make a list you’re told to contact the names on the list and briefly make a presentation.  This is where the new marketer can run into problems, as they are enthusiastic about what they have and can overwhelm the new prospect.  Over enthusiasm kills a project every time.

The one thing a marketer should keep in mind is what the prospect needs and wants.  The prospect usually may not care about what the seller’s  concerns are.  The main interest prospects usually have are personal.  As a mareketer, the focus should not be how much money you’re going to make off a deal.  The focus should also not be the different qualities or values of the item or service.  “The main focus should be what the prospect wants and needs.”  Everything else should support those parameters.  Imagine being hungry and there’s no food in sight.  Then here comes a frying pan sales man.  The salesman has a very meaningful and sensible pitch.  The salesman thinks your’re a prospect knowing you’re in the desert.  What can you do with a frying pan in the desert and no food or water?  This is the scenario many marketers present to prospects.  I’m not talking about frying pans and deserts.  I’m refering to prospects that need specific things and the marketing people who present them with irrelevant material.  This is where the scam is.

Presenting buyers with what they need when they need it and how they need it promotes a prosperous situation for the everyone.  This is what’s usually over looked in many MLM situations.   It’s what’s over looked in marketing.  Selling people things  they don’t need is common practice all over the planet.  Please make sure you present your prospect with what they need.  This may take a few layers of funneling.  You’ll find the most creative way of earning money is work, however it is ultimately worthwhile.  Money changes value as human value remains over ages.  For your own sake,  always consider human value.  Money is only a vehicle to wealth.




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