Music and Money

Multi-level marketing has a tradition of going to meetings,  enlisting friends ad relatives.  A new twist has come in the form of Funk music and money.  Funk has a tradition of shake booty and ranting without profit made by consumers , of the funk. There’s nothing wrong with exercise, but everybody has got to take care of vital functions like eating.  Bills need to be paid.  The rent is due etc.  You must keep a roof over your head.  Fortunately there is now a program with in the booty shaking back beat that engages participants into residual income.  I’m not talking about walking around selling oranges or hawking news papers on the corner.   It makes o difference if you have street credibility or not.

What happens when there’s a company available that’s strictly honest and has been in the Inc. 500 Magazine for over 10 years.  What happens when this company makes available products that people use regularly and gives it’s members a considerably large commission with bonuses?  What do you think?  People get paid regularly and that’s residual income to the music fans.  Residual income can be yours as a fan member.

The DaddyPlugin Program makes available through it’s associates an array of telecommunications products and services. We’re talking  the latest brand smart phones to broad band internet service ad it’s available so that you not only are the consumer, but can be the recipient of marketing commissions. You ca be the boss and create your ownn telecommunications online store, without the typical cost.  Everybody needs a cell phone and you can provide your prospects with the latest smart phones featuring all the popular plans.  The DaddyPlugin program can set you up with your own telecommunications online store.  They give you your own web site and show you how to get customers.  Instead of merely being a consumer, you can be a retailer of all the major brands from Toshiba, Sony, Metro PCS, Verizon etc. You name it and the DaddyPlugin Program has it.  The whole thing started as a music album and has evolved into a way for fans to make money off the album.

Traditionally hip hop music has been merely a rapper bragging about how much money he or she has.  This is hip hop, but it’s philosophically different. This is hip hop where you (the fan) can make money. The theory within this is something like BJs or Cosco.  For those of you who are not familiar BJ and Cosco are large discount stores that allow the public to be members and give the members huge discounts.  The stores accomplish this by purchasing in bulk.  The DaddyPlugin program founded by Taba, is virtually the same thing, however give members the right to gain commissions on marketing.  Taba’s club members or I should say DaddyPlugin club members get residual commissions on an assortment of products and services ranging from, telecommunications, health care and business services.  There are actually products and services that people use and need daily.  club members get paid residual income from understanding the website which directs them to the DaddyPlugin Program. It’s all about music and money.

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